Whether you’re just getting back into working out, you regularly frequent the gym and group fitness classes, or you are an elite athlete looking to hone your skills,          CORE: Fitness Camps & Training has you covered.

Owner and trainer Matt Lucas is originally from Wisconsin but moved to the Twin Cities to attend college.  He is a seasoned veteran of the fitness community who has experience with multiple facilities and developed a new partnership with Balance Studio in the Uptown Minneapolis area.

With CORE: Fitness Camps & Training Matt has built a community of participants who are accountable for showing up and taking ownership of their health—in a fun and challenging environment. CORE is a results-oriented organization (your results!) where your workout depends on how much you put into it. He provides the setting, exercises, and motivation. You bring the energy, intensity, and determination. Invest in yourself, invest in your health.

It’s time to get CORE fit!